Study on Metaphors in Chinese Cyber Language

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Duan Youguo


Aims: This study is aimed to find out various aspects of metaphors of cyber languages, such as: schools, formation, mechanisms and significance.

Study Design: The study begins with brief introduction of cyber language, including definition and features of it. Then, a brief review of metaphor, including its nature, forms and understanding, is presented here. What follows is the discussion of metaphors in cyber language that consist of school, formation, mechanism and significance of it in cyber language.

Methodology: Literature review is the main methodology adopted to implement this study.

Conclusion: Metaphor plays a crucial role in cyber language. Metaphorical cyber languages can be grouped into different schools by various criteria. It also has multiple sources and ways to form new metaphorical cyber language. In developing, spreading and understanding cyber language, metaphor has to be taken into counts. Last but not the least, metaphorical cyber language plays an important role in teaching Chinese as a foreign language to international students in China.

Metaphor, cyber language, nature, form, understanding, school, formation, mechanism, significance

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Youguo, D. (2018). Study on Metaphors in Chinese Cyber Language. Journal of Education, Society and Behavioural Science, 25(4), 1-6.
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