Digital Tourism Marketing 4.0 Collaborative Strategy for Banggai Brothers Area, Central Sulawesi, Indonesia

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Rully Anggi Akbar
Tri Kuntoro Priyambodo
Hendrie Adji Kusworo
Chafid Fandeli


Aims: This study aims to analyze the obstacles in digital tourism marketing in The Banggai brothers area (Banggai Luwuk, Banggai Islands, Banggai Laut), Central Sulawesi, to analyze the digital marketing strategies that have been applied and to formulate an effective collaborative digital tourism marketing strategy that can be used, and applied to the Banggai brothers in the future.

Study Design: This research study design is a qualitative study

Place and Duration of Study: This research was conducted in the Banggai brothers (Banggai Luwuk, Banggai Islands, Banggai Laut) Central Sulawesi, Indonesia, in February - June 2020. Methodology: This qualitative research method uses a case study. Collecting data through interviews and direct observation with regional tourism offices, destination management, local communities, and visitors to tourism objects in the Banggai brothers. Data analysis using Grounded Analysis (Reduction, Display, and Drawing Conclusion / Verification).

Results: The result of this research is The dominant problem is the limited human resources in tourism.

Conclusion: The marketing strategy plan aimed at the Banggai Brothers area is Digital collaboration tourism, namely; Planning phase using a collaborative market system. The implication of this research can help create a collaborative tourism marketing strategy 4.0 based on internet use, especially social media, for the Banggai area and destinations throughout Indonesia.

Digital-tourism, marketing-strategy, collaborative marketing, cross-border destination development.

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Akbar, R. A., Priyambodo, T. K., Kusworo, H. A., & Fandeli, C. (2020). Digital Tourism Marketing 4.0 Collaborative Strategy for Banggai Brothers Area, Central Sulawesi, Indonesia. Journal of Education, Society and Behavioural Science, 33(11), 25-38.
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