Implications of Stress and Study Habits on Academic Outcome of Undergraduate Nursing Students in Selected Universities in South-West, Nigeria

Sinmileoluwa, Mustapha, Adenike Onibokun, Omolola Lydia Abiodun

Page: 1-14
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How Do They Cope: Traumatic Impact of Broken Homes on the Academics of the Children Living in Ga East Municipality, Ghana

Benzies Isaac Adu- Okoree, Daniella Delali Daniella Delali Sedegah, Edna Parku

Page: 15-26
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Determining Connections between Attachments in Romantic Relationships and Emotional Intelligence in Female University Students

Doktorová Dominika, Mičková Zuzana, Masár Michal

Page: 27-33
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Examination of Employers’ Expectations of Higher Education Institutions’ Graduates in Manufacturing Sector in Tanzania: A Quest for Employability Skills

Thadeus F. Mkamwa, Daniel L. Naila

Page: 34-43
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Productive Participation of the Physically Challenged through Technical Vocational Education Training Programmes in Rivers State

Tenayi F. Amaso, P. C. Okwelle, Deebom, MtormaBari TamBari

Page: 44-54
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A Legislative Agenda for Reducing Existing Disparities in Maternal and Child Health Care in Nigeria

Rifkatu Nghargbu, Chukwuemeka Onyimadu, Ezechinyere Ibe

Page: 55-62
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Competence in Expanded Core Curriculum Skills: Does the Level Taught Matter to the Visually Impaired?

Edward Kofi Ntim, Emmanuel K. Gyimah

Page: 63-73
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