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2020 - Volume 33 [Issue 6]

Multilingualism as Curriculum Policy in Cameroon Education System

Yaro Loveline

Page: 26-35
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Global Citizenship Education Practices and Teacher Education: A Review of Literature

Kumari Ekanayake, Mohd Shukri, Ali Khatibi, S. M. Ferdeous Azam

Page: 36-47
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Resilience and Adolescents Educational Advancement among Secondary School Students in Mbanga Sub Division, Cameroon

N. Zinkeng Martina, Hannah A. Kolle, Nsom Emmanuel

Page: 1-17
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Class of Degree and Postgraduate Students’ Performance in a Nigerian University

Joseph Oluwatayo Osakuade, Olufunmilayo Tayo-Olajubutu, Tosin Emmanuel Akinduyo

Page: 18-25
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Ophthalmology as a Career Choice of Rotatory Medical Interns at Two Tertiary Hospital in Nigeria Middle Belt

C. O. Ojabo, B. A. Ojo, C. Udu, M. E. Efu

Page: 55-62
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Cognitive Dissonance, Attitude Change and Ways to Reduce Cognitive Dissonance: A Review Study

. Annu, Bimla Dhanda

Page: 48-54
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